Tips For Accessing Money While Abroad

Tips For Accessing Money While Abroad

Travelling abroad opens a world of opportunities. Not only do you get to experience a different culture, but you also get to explore a different environment. Being prepared for the entire trip is important. Not only do you have to focus on making sure that your flights are booked and that your Visa application is submitted on time, but you also need to make sure that you will have a way of accessing money while abroad.’ 

Tips for accessing money while abroad: 

A good choice is a card that is aimed at international travellers that waives foreign transaction fees, that also has chip and pin technology. You can use this card for everyday purchases.  

Make sure that you notify your bank before going on a trip abroad.  

It’s always a good idea to take a combination of cards. Your three best options are credit cards, debit cards and travel money cards. You should also keep in mind that credit cards offer greater fraud protection than debit cards. It’s also a good idea to carry both a Visa and a MasterCard. 

Another option for an easy way of accessing money while abroad is opening an account with a bank that has international partnerships.  

It’s important to scan copies of your cards as well as your online bank details. You should store these details in in online cloud storage system like Dropbox or Google Drive so that you can access them on all your devices. 

Make sure that you don’t keep all you cash and cards in the same hiding place. 

If you haven’t already, ensure that you set up online banking.  

A simple way of accessing money while abroad is by using an ATM. If you are using an ATM internationally, always cover the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN number. Make sure you keep your PIN number off by heart.

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