Tips For Finding the Best Motorcycle Insurance in South Africa

Tips For Finding the Best Motorcycle Insurance in South Africa

As roads in major cities become more congested by the day, more people are opting for two-wheel modes of transport, rather than cars. Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular. Owning a motorcycle also comes with the responsibility of making sure that it is insured.

Motorcyclists may make up about 1% of road traffic, but statistics show that they suffer at least 20% of the fatalities on the roads. This shows how important it is to have motorcycle insurance.

Factors to Consider when Shopping for Motorcycle Insurance

  • You need a valid motorcycle licence to get a motorcycle insurance quote
  • This type of insurance typically has lower insurance premiums
  • A number of factors are taken into account by the insurance company, such as your age, driving record and the value of your motorcycle.

How to Find the Best Motorcycle Insurance in South Africa

Keep in mind that size matters. The bigger the bike, the more you will pay. The faster your bike is, the higher the risk of being in an accident, so motorcycle insurance providers are likely to charge a higher premium.

Insurance companies assess risk as a part of their determination of how much you should pay.

Consider taking an advanced motorcycle class. This way, insurance providers will assume that you are better equipped to handle the dangers of the road.

When trying to find the best motorcycle insurance in South Africa, consider bundling your insurance. This may result in a lower premium.

Motorcycle insurance is more or less the same as car insurance. The main difference is that passengers on a motorcycle are not automatically covered.

It’s important to compare as many plans and options available to you as possible. Keep in mind that nearly all car insurance companies also offer motorcycle insurance options.

Don’t add extra drivers or passengers unless necessary.

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