Home Contents Insurance – 5 Tips

Home Contents Insurance – 5 Tips

Home Contents Insurance is a type of cover that protects you from financial ruin in the case of damage to your personal possessions. If your personal possessions are stolen from your home, having thus type of cover will come in very handy.

This type of insurance is personalised and requires you to be prudent when getting quotes.  Many people opt out of getting insurance because they consider it to be too expensive or they think that insurance is a scam.

There are ways to get the kind of home contents insurance you need:

Perform a proper valuation of your contents

Make sure that you conduct a proper valuation of your contents. It’s always a good idea to make a note of your home contents or you can also regularly take photographs of your home and its contents. Keep in mind that when you make a claim you will be covered for your items at replacement value.

Understand the limitations of your coverage

You need to make sure that you fully understand what you are covered for. Make sure that you know what you can expect if you make a claim. Insurance types are different and they are usually designed to meet your specific individual needs.

Retain your proof of purchase

It’s always a good idea to retain some invoice or receipt as proof of any of your home contents. You can always present these if you have to make any insurance claims.

Ask for a loyalty discount

You can ask your insurance provider for a loyalty discount. This can help save you quite a bit in the long run

Choose a higher excess if you can afford it

If you can afford to, pay a higher excess amount. This will lower your insurance premiums – allowing you to make significant savings.

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