Barko Financial Loan

Barko Financial Services is a renowned South African financial service provider which has been in operation since 1996. Barko’s reach and growth have seen it open more than 100 branches in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the North West and KwaZulu Natal, with more 500 competent staff members to help with your financial planning.

Barko prides itself in helping the millions of South Africans with modest salary earnings, including civil servants and mine workers, in making simple budgetary plans that are easy to observe. Because a majority of the country’s salary earners form part of the working class, Barko’s understands the struggles involved in having limited financial resources. Getting credit and other financial assistance being one of the many problems people face when dealing with most financial institutions, Barko’s aims to help alleviate the stresses and tensions associated with the lack of adequate financing by making the acquisition of a loan less of a hassle.

Barko’s financial service includes getting credit with the added benefits of death, disability and retrenchment policy covers. The essence of having these added policies is ensure that, should you get the misfortune of losing your job, the remaining balance of your loan gets paid out.

Effectively, this means that your loved ones will not have to carry the burden of debt should anything happen to you or source of income. Being a qualifying applicant for a Barko Loan, you must a South African citizen who is 18 years old and older. Once you’ve provided proof of employment, proof of residence and a certified copy of your ID, you can access to the funds you need to help make ends meet. To apply for your loan, call Barko on 0807773777 today.