Why Capitec Banking is so Popular

Why Capitec Banking is so Popular

Capitec is undoubtedly one of the most popular banks in South Africa. They offer a variety of banking products, like personal loans, and savings accounts, making it easy for anyone to transact, save and obtain credit. They have branches across the country, which is why clients can enjoy banking wherever they are, even online.

Capitec banking offers customers the ability to apply variety of products and this includes home loans. You can even search for branches that offer home loan applications so that you know which branch to visit if you want to fill out an application. You can also search for ATMs that accept cash deposits as this is a very easy way to deposit cash into your bank account without having to visit a branch.

Easy Loans

Capitec offers a variety of products and the guidance and this includes affordable loans of up to R250,000. Their personal loans can be repaid over a period of up to 84 months and if approved the money will be immediately available in your bank account.

Electronic Payments

Capitec allows clients to make electronic payments to recipients whenever they need to. This can be done via their internet banking facility, or their app. If you do have to make an electronic payment to someone with a Capitec bank account, it will help to have the Capitec universal branch code. This will save you time as you won’t have to find out what their branch code for their specific bank account is, making payments easier and very convenient to do.

Although Capitec does not offer business bank accounts, they offer a variety of solutions that businesses can offer their employees. This include salary transfers, card machines to accept point of sale payments, and workplace banking, where they will visit your business with a mobibank so that your employees can do their banking without having to leave the office during working hours.


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