RCS Loans Group

RCS Loans Group

RCS Loans

The RCS Group (RCS) offers its clients a scope of financial related administration items under its own image name and in relationship with various retailers in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

The two essential business offerings are cards and quick loans. The cards products gives the financial advantage to purchasers, whilst the loans products offers customers individual cash loans of up to R125,000, to suit their needs and their budgets.

The motivation behind RCS is to upgrade individuals’ ways of life and ensure their money related security through inventive, innovative and open credit arrangements.

The thought is to empower RCS clients to appreciate the accommodation, solace and true serenity offered by these credit arrangements.

The RCS Card is acknowledged at more than 20,000 retail locations over South Africa. From clothing to furniture, car parts to home accessories and even the most recent tech electronic devices and goods, one card gives a client access to credit throughout South Africa’s biggest shopping system.

At last, it’s about making the outlandish conceivable in a worthwhile and beneficial monetary atmosphere.

RCS does their best to furnish you with all the tools and products you require to make life a little easier for their clients financially.

A paperless procedure without any standing in line for appointments. Get quick cash loans up to R125, 000 within only 24 hours with unbelievable rates. They offer you terms of between 12-to-60 months to repay your debt, making affordability simple.

Whether you’re searching for additional cash for home or car repairs, your studies or even a wedding or much deserved holiday, trust RCS to make it happen.

List of services:

• Cash in less than 24hrs
• Loans up to R125,000
• NCR registered credit provider
• Fast personal loans
• Quick cash loans
• Cash loans for emergencies
• Loans for bad credit

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