Quotes for Insurance

Quotes for Insurance

When you are comparing insurance quotes it’s important to take your time to compare thoroughly. You could find what you think is a great deal only to find that the cover doesn’t include what you thought it does cover.

It’s important to make sure that you compare your quotes for insurance from more than three insurance providers.

What you need to look out for regarding quotes for insurance:

Compare quotes for similar policies.  Make sure that you compare like quotes and that you submit the same information each time you request a quote.

Know what you want from insurance and ask yourself a number of questions such as:

  • How much cover do you need?
  • Do you want cover for accidental damage?
  • Should legal expenses cover be included?
  • Do you have highly valuable items such as antiques and jewellery which might need extra cover?

Check the levels of cover, so you don’t under or over-estimate the value of the contents of your home.

Consider using a broker. If you are looking for home insurance, a broker may be able to find you a deal which is better and costs less than you’d be able to find yourself  or by using online comparison sites.

Consider Excess levels. Some policies may have fixed levels of excess as standard.  The excess is the first part of a claim that you have to pay before the insurer covers interest. The excess can also vary depending on the type of claim. You may be able to reduce your premiums by increasing your excess.

Consider a No-Claims Discount. If you haven’t made a claim for a number of years, you may benefit from a No-Claims Discount. This may help to lower your insurance premiums.

Beware of exclusions. Insurance quotes differ significantly so there may be a number of exclusions. Make sure that you read the fine print carefully.


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