Moneystar loans, financial solutions

There is an old saying which says money makes the world go round. Money is a resource that drives individual, family and national progressive agendas. The abundance of this financial resource accelerates the execution of plans in various areas of daily life.The critical nature of this resource is what brought Money star.

Moneystar is a South African micro lending house which has dedicated itself to providing financial services and products to people. These services and products are broken down into three broad categories of loans, insurance and cellular.

The loan category offers clients loan amounts of up to R15,000 with repayment periods running up to 18 months. As a legally compliant business house, all credit agreements with Moneystar are granted within the framework, rules and regulations of the National Credit Act and all loans include a credit life protection plan.

This fast growing lending house also offers cellular contracts. All current models are made available courtesy of healthy relationships developed with renowned brands such as Vodacom, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Blackberry etc.

The long-term insurance has been tailored to provide cover during the term of the credit agreement. In the unfortunate event of death,total and permanent disability or temporal total disability, the credit life insurance policy will assist you to meet payment obligations.

Moneystar can be contacted on 0861666397.

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