What makes SA Home Loans finance?

SA Home Loans – South Africa is a country with one of the fastest developing economy and population. The governments micro and macro economic policies which are targeted towards economic empowerment for the majority of  citizens have seen a rapidly growing middle class income group. This growing income group of the population has limited disposable income which allows them to meet their daily needs but not enough to invest in things like homes and other properties.

Established in 1999, SA Home loans came on the market with a strong dedication to provide home loans. To date, this reputable firm is South Africa’s largest non-bank specialist home loan provider providing more than 100000 home owners with personalised service and home loan finances. Because of its dedication to this economic sector, SA Home Loans provides a comprehensive range of products and these include home loan products, equity access products and risk management products.

The home loan range of products include variable home loan, interest only home loan and edge home loan. The variable loan has a flexible term up to 20 years and interest rate is variable and tailored to a clients risk profile. The interest only home loan assists clients minimise monthly installments by repaying only the interest on the loan and once off capital payments when funds are available. The edge home loan allows clients to pay interest only for the first 36 months, after 36 months the loan reverts to a standard variable loan over 240 months with the same benefits and features.

The equity access products include quick cash, personal loans and further lending products. The quick cash allows clients to get up to R75,000 in cash within 72 hours and get up to R150,000 as soon as bond documents are signed. The personal loan product offers clients up to R50,000 which is normally paid within 24hrs with fixed interest rates and insurance cover. The further lending product allows clients to re-borrow any portion of the total capital amount but the amounts must be equal to or greater than R10,000 each and shall be made no more than six times during any 12 month period.

SA Home loans contact – The above is what has set Home Loans apart from the rest because they have cut out the middleman and deal directly with the professionals and match clients with their ideal home loans. SA Home loans can be contacted on 0315605300.

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