Finchoice Consolidation Loans

Finchoice Consolidation Loans

Getting into credit can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how well you manage your debts. As a borrower, the best thing you can do for yourself is make sure that you repay the debt on time and as soon as possible if you want to save more.

Repaying multiple debts can be stressful and confusing to manage. Many people resort to debt consolidation when they can’t manage their debt.

Why choose debt consolidation?

You only have one monthly payment to make (at a potentially lower interest rate).

There are no negative consequences on your credit rating.

It becomes easier to manage your finances. You only have one monthly payment to keep track of, instead of multiple debts with various interest rates.

Does Finchoice offer consolidation loans?

Finchoice is a division of the HomeChoice brand. The institution strives to “make the hard times easier by providing personalised loans that are perfect for your individual needs”. As a registered credit provider and a National Credit Regulator (NCR) compliant lender, Finchoice offers quality financial solutions.

Although Finchoice consolidation loans aren’t currently an option, the institution does offer a range of personal loan solutions designed to make the lives of borrowers simpler.

Tell me more about Finchoice loans?

Kwik Advance loans are available from as little as R100 to a maximum of R2000.

Flexi Loans of up to R8000 are repayable over a 6 month period.

The 12 or 24 month loan offer provides up to R26 000 in finance.

To qualify, you need to:

  • Provide a valid South African ID
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Have an active bank account

Applying for a Finchoice loan is simple. All you have to do is call the contact centre and speak to a consultant.

To find out more about Finchoice loans, call 0861 346 246.



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