Bank locator app

Bank locator app

Be part of the digital banking population that bank via an app. App banking is generally simple, convenient and is a useful, immediate banking option. Apps fulfil a particular need for e-bankers: they’re the preferred channel for purchasing airtime, data and electricity. As well as use for the good ol’ trusted function of locating a bank nearest to you. 


The Nedbank’s app has a branch locator that identifies your location, and even asks you to confirm it, then steers you to the nearest Nedbank branch from your home. 

About the App you’ll get most of the information you’re likely to need for everyday banking, as well as features that include: 
  • A useful “Tools” page with calculators for home loans, motor vehicle finance and personal loans for functional quality.
  • Provides access to routine banking functions such as payments, transfers, statements and so forth. 
  • A built-in business locator allows you to search in-depth for nearby businesses.
  • A built-in share trading platform and a market watchlist helps the app stand out. 
  • Nedbank’sPrivate Wealth information and the purchase of Webtickets or insurance products.
  • Built-in home loan, vehicle, and forex calculators.
  • Allows for payment of e-Bills and SARS filing.
  • Simple interface that allows for ease of use and simple navigation
  • Some icons offer an opportunity to activate Nedbank Business, unit trusts, share trading and prepaids of airtime and electricity.

A Market Watchlist function, which allows you to enter a share name and features the time of the last trade and price per share, courtesy of Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers. 

Nedbank’s app is secured by Entersekt, an award-winning local company with a large and rapidly growing international footprint. The SDK (software development kit) platform provides two-factor authentication without the need for one-time passwords (OTPs), using your mobile device as the second factor of authentication.  

This promises to counter “all phishing, proxy Trojan horse, keystroke logging, call forwarding and number porting attacks”. To get started, you authenticate yourself via your regular online banking credentials (profile number, PIN and password), then provide a new five-character PIN to gain access to the app’s various functions

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