Best tax services in Johannesburg

Best tax services in Johannesburg

Finding the best tax services in Johannesburg is a process that should typically involve a thorough assessment of the best registered tax professionals in the city. In the cosmopolitan city there is a multitude of these financial experts, so it’s important that individuals and business owners to carefully select the services they want to rely on. There is also the risk of encountering scammers, so it’s vital to be prudent throughout the search process and to know what to look out for.  

When you are searching for tax services, you will want to find a service provider that offers compliance and convenience. You will want to find someone who is adequately equipped to handle your unique tax requirements.  

Ways to find the best tax services in Johannesburg: 

Stick to only registered tax practitioners. In South Africa, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) is the regulating body for taxation, so practitioners must be registered with it in order to be recognised as legitimate. Companies or individuals offering tax services in Johannesburg must also be registered with an approved controlling body like SAICA. You have the right to ask for their SARS practitioner number. 

They should request all the documents they need from you and you should ask about their experience too. Always use practitioners with an online presence as well as an office address. 

Enquire how their fees are calculated. Their fee should not be based on a percentage of the tax refund that they can get you, as this is unethical. 

They should file returns electronically. It’s fast and efficient and is likely to lead to faster refund payment to you. 

It’s important to ensure that you find the best tax services in Johannesburg to suit your particular needs.

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