7 Things About Cheap Motor Insurance

7 Things About Cheap Motor Insurance

They know which reports are pulled about you when you request a car insurance quote

When you request a car insurance quote, the insurance provider will look into your credit report as well as your driving history. Your previous claims history will also factor into the premiums you are charged, effectively deciding if you get cheap motor insurance or not.

They know what you can do to lower your premiums

There are a number of things that you can do to lower the level of your risk and thus your motor insurance premium. This may include driving a less expensive car, or moving to a safer neighbourhood or even fitting security features in your car. If you’re looking for cheap motor insurance you need to do the research beforehand.

Insurance loss adjustors are not on your side

When you claim, the insurance company will get a professional to assess the legitimacy of your claim. If you are underinsured the insurance expert won’t do you any favours. You will be covered for what you have signed up for- no more and no less.

You can file a claim directly with the insurance company

If you claim you don’t actually have to call your agent first. You can claim directly from the company, saving you time.

Where you live has a huge effect on your premium

If you live in a crime-ridden area, you won’t get cheap motor insurance. Your insurer won’t advise you to move to a safer area because this will lower the premiums which you are paying.

They may tell you that you don’t need a lawyer if you’re in a major accident

A lawyer will probably get you a larger settlement, so your insurer will leave this part out and will instead encourage you to claim with them directly.

Your replacement value will be quite low

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