How To Dispute A Credit Report?

How To Dispute A Credit Report?

Regular examination of one’s credit report will enable consumers to check that all the information in it is accurate. Sometimes there could be errors or areas of dispute. For example, there have been a lot of disputes lodged about information held on consumer credit records. 

These disputes may have been no more serious that an error in name or address; but some could well have involved a far more serious issue such as inaccurate reflection of payments made. 

A regular examination of one’s credit report could also provide timely warning to consumers that they might have been the victim of identity theft with the identity thieves running up enormous debt in their name. 

Anyone who obtains their free credit report and has concerns about possible errors or discrepancies can contact the credit bureau that issued the report and lodge a dispute. 

Usually you can call the TransUnion call centre on 0861 886 466 to lodge your dispute; or you can log your dispute online at . You must log your dispute within three months of issue of the credit report that you are querying. Complete the Challenge Form, and submit it. 

To dispute via Experian you can do so by phone. Contact Experian’s National Consumer Assistance Center at 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742). If you already have an Experian credit report you can dispute your information online. Or, contact them at the phone number on your report. Experian cannot accept disputes via email. 

Depending on which credit bureau you saw the report you want to dispute that’s who you contact. As every credit bureau has their own contacts and way to handle disputes. You should then provide the credit bureau with as much supporting documentation as possible, receipts or other evidence of payment. The bureau will investigate and respond to you the consumer with the outcome within 21 – 30 working days. 

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