Finding Your FNB Branch Number

Finding Your FNB Branch Number

Since electronic funds transfers are being done every day by thousands of people, it has become essential to know what branch codes to use when making a payment. FNB has a universal branch code of 254005 and this makes transfers much easier to do. This means that you don’t need to find a specific Branch code in order to complete a payment.

Finding your specific branch code is easy to do as you can make use of FNB’s online tool to find all the details you need. You can find a list of FNB branch numbers here: With a simple search you can find all the branch codes you need, and you can also search for branches that have an Advanced ATM. You can even search for branches that won’t be affected by load shedding, for even more convenience.

With the right branch code you can do a lot of transactions and you can easily find this information online. However, keep in mind that the universal branch code will also work.

Business Banking

FNB offers their business clients a variety of banking service to simplify their banking needs and make it easier for them to do daily transactions. This includes a variety of business accounts and merchant services, as well as ATM solutions, insurance products and even business loans and overdrafts.

With FNB’s universal Branch code it easy to make payments to various suppliers and creators, making your banking applications much easier to handle. It also eliminates any problems as you don’t have to worry about entering the right Branch code and make sure that the payment is going to the right recipient. That’s why millions of customers choose to work with FNB.


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