6 forms of entrepreneurship

6 forms of entrepreneurship
Each of us is unique in our own way. Therefore when we take up the role of entrepreneurship our different traits form the type of entrepreneur we become. Here are 6 forms of entrepreneurs.


1. The World Changer

You likely created your company in order to make a positive impact in the world, and believe that success is measured by impact. You’re keenly aware of your environment, both on a local and global scale. You may even be an activist or environmentalist, and it’s very likely you’ve green leanings when doing business.

 2. The one who brands

Because they know that their business is a brand. They handle customer service and product quality to successfully broadcast one clear message about the company. They have a business email and company website. Use social networks for marketing all about the type of service or product they’re selling. Set up a Twitter account and corporate Facebook page to update their status regularly, while keeping it professional.  

 3. The one who pitches

They have the ability to network being able to describe the business and its purpose as simply and as clearly as possible to potential clients and investors. They’re ready to explain the business to anyone at any time, whether at social events, conferences, or even in an actual elevator. Also assists if you’re a direct seller selling your product or service to a customer.

4. The female entrepreneur

2018 has been dubbed as the year of the female. A new wave of women is here, and they’re slightly different from the women before them. Driven by emerging digital technology, changing family formations, growing educational levels and changing social mores, they come in with a different set of values, aspirations, tastes, preferences. Furthering their studies and owning their own businesses. 

5. The risk taker

For this entrepreneur it’s all or nothing. They’re excited to start a business. Maybe they have an idea, or they’re just fascinated with the idea of launching and growing their own enterprise. They’re willing to take some risks, like leaving their current job or going without personal revenue for a while. 

6. The Hustler

They’re driven by determination and are independent beings. They possess a self-reliance about them that’s able to seek and find alternative ways to facilitate the start or growth of their business. They’re definitely not easily deterred and see failure as a stepping stone to their next big opportunity.

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