Reasons to Get Insurance

Reasons to Get Insurance

Car insurance:

Having car insurance provides legal protection and gives the insured peace of mind. The costs of a major accident are covered and you are able to get cover from damage that may be caused by weather conditions.

You are also able to get non-accident protection for when your car gets stolen or if you are hijacked. If your car is damaged by potholes, depending on the type of insurance policy you have you may be able to claim for this too.

Life insurance:

Life insurance can help you have the peace of mind knowing that money will be available to protect your family in the event of your death. The money can help with funeral costs, covering children’s expenses, paying off debts or paying estate taxes.

Travel insurance:

Having travel insurance is a necessity nowadays. There are a range of factors that may affect your travel plans.

Having travel insurance can help in this regards. For example, you can benefit from trip cancellation coverage or even trip interruption coverage. With travel medical coverage, you won’t be paying a huge medical bill if you get ill while travelling or if you are hospitalised. With coverage for delayed bags you can relax, knowing that you have sufficient cover.

Home insurance:

Having home insurance will satisfy your mortgage lender. This cover protects you from lawsuits and you will be able to have the financial means to replace your things.

For example, if a visitor in your home slips and falls and gets injured badly, your home insurance should cover any medical costs and compensation needs. If your home is broken into and your possessions are stolen, your home insurance should cover any replacement costs.

This type of cover will be for buildings as well as home contents. You will get cover for damage caused by natural disasters, theft or electrical faults that cause fires or even a burst geyser.

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