KS Michael Capital, financial advisory experts

Capital and financial advisory services play a critical role in national economic planning and development. These firms offer valuable insight and are able to determine the unemployment levels, housing sales, inflation and productivity impact in the economy. They also assist in business transactions.

Established in 2010, KS Michael Capital has committed itself to facilitating South African public and private company transactions such as raising venture capital funding, management buy-outs and buy-ins, acquisition and mergers, corporate finance strategy, project finance strategy and company secretarial.

For corporate finance strategy, this firm is able to help South African and SADC companies expand or accelerate their growth. This service is provided based on sector and market intelligence, deal expertise and knowledge. Acquisition support offers detailed valuation, financial modelling, negotiation and project management advice to corporates. Business disposal deals with the aspect of preparing for a sale which includes private individuals, financial institutions and corporate investment.This also extends to debt refinancing, restructuring and strategic advice.

Valuations involves discrete valuation assignments for clients requiring specific valuations for either transaction or non-transaction related engagements. Closely tied to this is management advice which assists managements teams on their incentive arrangements, including subscription and equity participation in South Africa and buy-outs in Africa. The objective here is to maximise shareholder value for clients.

Project finance looks into making sure the project survives the scrutiny of financiers by doing a thorough risk review through the provision of project health check, risk review and structuring, due diligence preparation, shadow credit rating analysis, identifying sources of finance and selection, project valuation, contract structuring and valuations.

Company secretarial deals with administrative tasks required to conform with the rules of company ownership and administration such as share transfers, company registrations and liquidation. Services provided here include registration of companies and close corporations, forming companies, off the shelf companies, company liquidation, changing directors of companies and members of CCs, company and CC conversions, changing company and CC names, submission of company annual duty, registration of external companies, increasing, converting, subdividing or consolidating share capital and the redemption and repurchase of shares, making changes to memorandum and articles of association, providing a compliance service to company secretaries and companies, writing minutes for clients or review their drafts, preparing documents to effect share transfers and allotment of shares, arranging for the stamping of documents or obtain exemption from stamp duty, taking care of the routine maintenance of statutory registers and dealing with returns to the registrar of companies, change of financial year ends, company secretarial audits, registration of defensive names and registration of changes to trustees of trusts.

For all these services, K S Michael can be contacted on 0116557379.

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