Development Bank of Southern Africa

The DBSA, promoting sustainable socio-economic development
A wholly-owned State entity, the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) is exactly what its name suggests. It is a development finance institution focusing on projects within the private and public sector. These are primarily large infrastructure projects that seek to promote economic development and growth. The DBSA seeks to expand access to finance, development finance, and also create an environment where sustainable development solutions are developed. Ultimately, the DBSA envisions an affluent and incorporated region that is no longer poor or dependent on others.

While fast tracking the pace of sustainable development, the bank’s ultimate function is to improve the quality of life for the people of South African. The DBSA has a multi pronged approach to financing, with the bank playing multiple roles, primarily; supporter, advisor, collaborator, implementer and integrator. The aim of these multiple roles is to enable the DBSA to be able to assist with the bank’s expertise and knowledge when it comes to development finance, to make sure that developmental plans are integrated and implemented as per mandate.
Over and above providing money, the DBSA also makes available a comprehensive range of knowledge products because socio-economic development is not guaranteed just because money is available. With its knowledge support, the DBSA’s approach ensures that there is an environment where a transferral of skills is possible.

The DBSA is focuses on the funding of large scale development projects. The funding of smaller businesses and projects is financed through other development financing institutions mandated to do so.
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